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+212 662 291 705 or +212 661 355 376 +212 524 890 999 marrakechexpedition4x4@gmail.com

Morocco Tours

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Are you looking for adventures?
At the same time, do you want to feel safe - alone, with friend or family?
Would you like to enjoy nature but also beautiful cities and cultural heritages?
  • Morocco Tours are your perfect choice!

Year by year, tourism numbers are rising. Travellers can find in Morocco the perfect destination for their adventures and leisure trips. It’s also the first choise in Africa for people who want to feel secure and visit a new exotic place.

Thanks to Morrocco Tours, you will discover a wonderful country which offers a variety of attractions to visitors, starting from big and modern cities, ancient medina, beautiful beaches, moutains, imperial cities and the great desert of Sahara.

With our Morocco Tours you will visit the most beautiful attractions of the country, recognized for its extraordinary beauty and remarkably preserved historical places.

We offer different options. Camel trekking, Sahara desert trips and overnights in comfortable tents in the desert are some of the choices you will have with our company.

We are also specialized in Customized Morocco Tours, based on your individual interests, budget and requirements. You have just to let us know which places you would like to visit and what activities you are interested in, CONTACT US!
Our experienced team will help and guide you during your stay here.
And… don’t forget to read our pratical advices.

Join us soon!

Customer Reviews

  • Many thanks to Marrakech Expedition for giving us a lifetime experience! If you don’t have a lot of time in Marrakech, this two day one night camel trek is perfect for you. The two day trip was packed full of beautiful sights and experiences. Spending one night in the desert was a breath taking experience.

  • Ali, Hassan and Omar have been perfect! the trip was run very smooth, and communication with Ali was prompt and clear. Hassan and Omar were very helpful through out the journey. Special thanks to Hassan with his very informative explanation whenever we stop and we definitely have good laugh together!

  • This is a bustling place at night, so full of atmosphere and smells. There are African bands, storytellers, lots of food places and many many stalls with oranges piled high. We also had a caleche ride through the Jewish quarter ending in the square. So much more to see when the souk is quiet. A must do if in Marrakech.

  • My family and I enjoyed the tour with Marrakech Expedition 4×4. We visited Marocco from Marrakech to Sahara sleeping two night in the desert. Our driver Hassan was an excellent driver and he let us to see great desertic scenery.